Time for a quick introduction

Steven Burnette is an Award Winning Graphic Designer / Logo Designer. He is a Pratt Institute Alumni, located in Westchester, New York and has over 10 years of professional experience that goes across the board in the varied field of the Visual Arts. If you are looking for an experienced designer for your next project, you have found the right artist. Please use the form to get in contact.

  • This is what clients are saying:
    Never used a designers service before, I did not know what to expect. I selected Steven based on his professional manor. Sure enough he made my vision a reality in what was a stress free and reasonably priced service. I would use and recommend him with confidence.
    - Alex Pantzialas

  • This is what clients are saying:
    I love it! I think it does a great job capturing the essence of what I wanted to portray about our ranch, and I love that it looks mysterious. It's also quite attention-grabbing…
    - Kat Fox (Co-owner of Alchemy Alpacas)

  • This is what clients are saying:
    Mr. Burnette's extreme attention to detail and ability to achieve exactly what is asked for is what sets him apart. His work really speaks for itself. He needs no sales pitch whatsoever!
    - John Mavroidis

  • This is what clients are saying:
    Very nice working with you, from beginning to end!
    - Christian Aporta (Photographer/Swimwear Designer)

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